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Dr Acharya – Srinivas Hejmadi Acharya


Dr. Srinivas H Acharya is a noted Ayurveda medical Professional with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) in Ayurveda. He received his MD from Gujarat Ayurved University 1985, and his Ph.D in 1989. Dr. Acharya’s Ph.D research thesis (and clinical work) has focused on anti-aging.


Since 1987 he has been a teacher, scientist and physician at the Gujarat Ayurved University, where he was employed in the Post Graduate and Under Graduate Institutes at Jamnagar (India). He has worked with the training of international scholars under various short and long term courses at the University (Jamnagar), as well as holding the position of Program Director of the International Center there, until he took an early retirement in 2011. Though later he extended his service as Professor Panchakarma to the Post Graduate Institute (Jamnagar) intermittantly after his retirement.


Dr Acharya is born in 1957 at Udupi (India); a coastal city in Karnataka state. A young boy’s interests in plants and love for nature ultimately flowered into an efficient Ayurveda physician who is now well known to the people of Sourashtra region of Gujarat State. Lately, to many ailing people around the globe. His tours abroad began in 1993 and since then he has travelled extensively in many countries, in an effort to radiate the ‘true’ essence of Ayurveda. He still conducts workshops, guest lectures and training programs in Panchakarma therapy, Marma therapy and Rasayana in India and abroad. He continues to heal suffering people; calling on his 30+ years of clinical experience.


Dr. Acharya began to write from his own clinical experiences in 1993. His first edition of “Sience of Marma” appeared on the market in 1997. The Second edition is published recently in 2014.

Sandhya Acharya


Born in 1961 at Jamnagar, Sandhya Acharya is at present nutritionist and yoga teacher. After taking an early retirement as accounting officer in government office. She turned herself on teaching young children & counselling for women and children, as hobby. She took Panchakrma therapy training at Kottakal (Kerala) and joined hand with Dr Acharya to treat patients. Sandhya often travel with Dr Acharya to foreign destinations and conduct Ayurveda food workshops and Yoga conferences. Her ardent intensions in taking care of persons undergoing Panchakarma treatment at Dhanvantari Kutir (Udupi) has become well know & plausible with participants.

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